Catalog Description

The following is the catalog description for this program. The curriculum is highly customizable. 

You will need to work closely with your advisor as you plan curriculum that supports your educational and professional goals. 

Program description

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) is a cross-disciplinary program which promotes the enhancement of practical skills in a variety of disciplines.  The program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who are seeking professional growth and advancement within their vocations. The 33-hour program allows participants to expand their knowledge base and refine skills necessary to keep up with the ever-changing marketplace.

Degree requirements (minimum of 33 credit hours)

For core courses, work with the MPS advisor to select courses from seven of the eight areas listed below.  Your advisor will help navigate the available options to generate a program of study to meet your professional goals.  No more than 15 credit hours (generally 5 courses) form the College of Business can be counted toward the MPS degree. 

1.  Core courses (21 credit hours) - Select 7 of the following 8 areas of study.

  • Finance/Budgeting/Economics

  • Law/Ethics/Regulatory Functions

  • Talent Identification/Leadership/Management

  • Research Design/Project Development/Data Analysis

  • Communication/Relationships/Enviornment

  • Technology/Networking/Security

  • Structure/Diversity

  • Professional Writing

2.  Focus Area:  Graduate Certificate (12 credit hours)

The completion of a graduate certificate allows the student to focus on the area that aligns with his or her professional interests.  Prospective students are encouraged to visit with the Director of the MPS about the choice for a focus area.  Although any graduate certificate is an eligible avenue to meet the focus area requirement, students must be formally admitted to the certificate program in order to use it toward the MPS degree.  The following graduate certificates are currently aligned with the MPS, and students who choose one of these for a focus area are simultaneously admitted to both the degree and the certificate:

  • Applied Communication
  • Environmental Monitoring and Sampling
  • Hospitality Administration
  • Individualized Studies
  • Project Management
  • Screenwriting for Television and Film
  • Sport Management

For information regarding other potential graduate certificates and associated admission requirements, visit  

MPS students are expected to demonstrate competency in methods of inquiry, problem solving, and writing for their career path and program emphasis.  One of the courses taken for the graduate certificate also will serve as the Capstone experience.  This may involve an internship, practicum, or research project representative of their focus area.  Successful completion of the capstone experience will serve as the student's comprehensive examination.