You are encouraged to schedule an appointment to meet with Warren Frerichs, Assistant Director of Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs, for any reason. Current students must meet with Mr. Frerichs before they can register for classes for the following semester. Current and prospective students are welcome to meet with him with any questions and concerns. 

Schedule appointment

Schedule an advising appointment to be able to register. All graduate students must meet with an advisor before registration. You can also schedule an appointment to discuss your program if you have questions or concerns.

Appointment preparation

Students must arrive to their appointments prepared to discuss their programs of study with Warren Frerichs. To receive the most effective advisement, students are strongly encouraged to do the following prior to their appointments:

Review both the previous Advisor Approved Program of Study (AAPS) and the degree audit to determine which coursework is still needed;

Make a list of ideal courses for the semester in question;

Check the availability of those courses on the class schedule for the semester in question.

Professional studies

The MPS advisor guides you as you complete your degree in one of eight option areas

Interdisciplinary studies

Your advising comes from a two-person program committee of graduate faculty members, selected by you. These faculty members must come from the program areas combined in your degree.

This committee will help you develop your program of study form for admission into the program.

The MSIS program coordinator can also serve as an advising resource.

Thesis option

If you elect to complete a thesis, the MSIS program coordinator will serve as the third member of your committee.

In the thesis option, your lead advisor must come from the primary area (most number of credit hours) in which your course work is completed.

Individualized certificate

You identify a faculty member willing to serve as your advisor. This faculty member must be associated with one of the departments included in your certificate plan of study form.

The individualized certificate program coordinator and/or individualized certificate committee can assist you in identifying this advisor, and developing your certificate plan of study form.

Advisement contact

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