Program Requirements

You'll have flexibility in this program. 

Take classes from at least two graduate programs to complete your degree.

Degree requirements (Minimum of 33 hours) – No more than 9 credit hours from the College of Business can count toward the degree.

Core courses
Course type Description Credit
Research methods Variety of courses available 3 hrs
Research experience Thesis, Non-Thesis Project, or Internship 3-6 hrs
Primary area course work Selected courses 12-15 hrs
Secondary area Courses taken outside primary area 12-15 hrs
Additional degree requirements
  1. Successful completion of the research or capstone experience will serve as the student's comprehensive examination.
  2. All other university and Graduate College requirements must be met for completion of a degree program.
Establishing a program committee

The MSIS committee will consist of program directors or other graduate faculty from each of the emphasis areas combined in the interdisciplinary degree along with the MSIS Program Director.  This committee plans and approves individual student programs.

Additional information
  1. This program recognizes the versatile, interactive and ever-evolving world in which we live. All forms of intellectual inquiry, whether based in literature, science, education, business or the arts both influence and are influenced by each other.
  2. Students have opportunities to engage in critical thinking in and between each area.
  3. If the student elects to complete a thesis, the thesis advisor must come from the department in which the primary area coursework is completed. The thesis must follow the university thesis guide, using a secondary style guide dictated by the program of primary focus.