MPS Degree Costs

Compare the cost of completing the MPS degree at Missouri State University compared to other online master's degrees in administration:

Degree School Credit Hours Cost per Credit Hour Total Cost
MSAdmin Central Michigan University 36 $487.00 $17,532.00
MBA Bellevue University 36 $495.00 $17,820.00
MBA Webster University 36 $715.00 $25,740.00
MBA Phoenix University 36 $740.00 $26,640.00
MPS Missouri State University 33 ***$275.00 $9,075.00

* These figures do not include application or course fees.

** Cost per hour is based on 2014-2015 figures for online courses. On-Campus/Seated courses are assessed at a different rate.

*** Courses taken in the College of Business will be assessed at the College of Business graduate course rate.

The most current information on student fees at Missouri State University is available through the office of the registrar.