Option Area Courses

Producing and screenwriting courses

In addition to your core curriculum, you will choose 12 hours of course work from the options below.

Meet with your advisor and review the class schedule before confirming your schedule.

Producing and Screenwriting Option required courses:

Select four courses (12 hours from the following):

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
MED 660  Beginning Screenwriting 3 hrs
MED 667  Intermediate Screenwriting 3 hrs
MED 668  Writing for Television 3 hrs
MED 669 Rewriting Film and Television Scripts 3 hrs
MED 671  Writing the Web Series 3 hrs
MED 672 Advanced Screenwriting 3 hrs
MED 762 TV/Film Producing and Marketing 3 hrs
MED 792 Independent Study (with permission of Director & Coordinator) 3 hrs